It’s a dogs life in Lynn Haven

BAY COUNTY, Fla. – It’s a dogs life in Lynn Haven. The city opened its first ever dog park at Kinsaul Park Friday morning, where residents gathered for the park’s grand opening. The park has two separate fenced areas, one for big dogs and one for small dogs. Both parks have access to water bowls, a hose, and a shaded area where pet owners can keep an eye on their fur kids.

Three people are facing charges in connection to an alleged Bay County jail drug conspiracy ring

PANAMA CITY – Three people are facing charges in connection to an alleged Bay County jail drug conspiracy ring. A Bay County inmate, identified as, Mario James Bertucci, 32, appeared in court Friday on new charges, after allegedly plotting to sneak synthetic marijuana into the jail, along with co-defendant, 32-year-old Justin Paradise, who faces the same charges in the case. A third party played a role in the incident, records state, but has not been identified, as reported at

The Bay County government and sheriff’s office are joining forces

BAY COUNTY – Following recent school shootings, the Bay County government and sheriff’s office are joining forces. The two entities will buy and staff a new mobile command center that will be deployed to the scene of a school shooting or other emergency incidents requiring a coordinated response by multiple agencies. Sheriff Tommy Ford said the mobile command center is being custom designed and could take up to a year before it’s ready to go out in the field.

Bay County attorney charged in cologne contraband case at prison set for trial

BAY COUNTY, Fla. – A Bay County attorney who has been charged with passing contraband in a detention facility and lying about it will soon learn his fate. According to court documents a trial date for Greg Wilson is set to begin August 20th, in connection to several incidents in which he’s accused of giving cologne-soaked business cards to female inmates so they could have the smell of a man in their cell. Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Wilson in October 2017, according to reports at

Pace Convicted

A teenage boy is getting a sense of justice in Bay County. A jury yesterday convicted 65-year-old Andrew Pace for drugging and raping the boy two years ago when he was 16. Pace had been on trial for the same charges before, but a mistrial was declared. News 13 reports deliberations lasted about two hours, and Pace will be sentenced next month.

New Way to Cath A Thief

There’s a new way for neighbors to help police stop crime in Bay County. Panama City Beach Police yesterday announced a pilot program that will catch thieves using homeowners’ Ring surveillance cameras. If there’s a crime reported in your neighborhood, police will contact Ring, which will notify police of any nearby home surveillance cameras. The homeowners would then be given the option of sharing the video with police to help catch the suspect.

Puppy locked in hot car still recovering

PANAMA CITY – The puppy rescued by Panama City police after being locked in the trunk of a car July 1 is still in the care of Bay County Animal Control. The dog’s owners, who left the dog in the hot car while they went shopping at the Panama City Mall, were arrested earlier this month. The couple have since been released on bail.

Bay County man accused of raping 16 year old boy gets second trial

PANAMA CITY – A Bay County man arrested in 2016 for allegedly drugging and raping a 16 year old boy at his Delwood Pointe home is going before a jury, for the second time. Andrew Allan Pace, 65, appeared in court Tuesday for the first day of testimony in his second trial, after a previous attempt to try Pace ended in a mistrial last month. Pace faces charges of sexual battery, unlawful sexual acts with a minor and false imprisonment.

Friefighters Prepare For High Rise Fires

Firefighters are taking steps to be prepared in the event of a another high-rise fire. After six high-rise fires in the last six months, Bay County and Panama City Beach firefighters decided to hold joint training exercises. The first exercises took place yesterday at Treasure Island Condominiums as firefighters ran up 22 flights of stairs with their gear on. Bay County Fire Captain Gabriel Moschella tells the “News Herald” the goal is to commit their actions to muscle memory so there won’t be any hesitation when faced with the real thing.

Man Asked to Be Shot?

Two men accused of shooting their roommate in Bay County say he asked them to do it. Parker Police say the victim was shot in the leg early yesterday morning and then held captive for hours inside the home on Cheri Lane. He was eventually allowed to go to the hospital, and he’s expected to survive. News 13 reports one of the suspects told police the victim wanted to be shot, but they’re facing charges that include aggravated battery and false imprisonment.